Enjoy time with your family at Treehouse Cupcakes & Frozen Treats

Treehouse Cupcakes & Frozen Treats is located in Athens, Texas and they serve gourmet cupcakes, cake shakes, rolled ice cream, smoothies, frozen yogurt and more.

Though they’ve open for almost a year…the idea to start baking cupcakes started over a decade ago in their backyard.

“About 10 years ago we moved into a rent house and there was a tree house in the back,” said Stephanie Millar, owner of Treehouse Cupcakes & Frozen Treats. “My kids decided they wanted to make it better and I told them they need to make money. So we made some cupcakes and they went around the neighborhood and sold them and that’s kind of how it got started…The name kind of stuck.”

Now, the Millar’s are serving up over 80 gourmet cupcake flavors. They tend to carry their six most popular flavors daily. Those flavors include Red Velvet, Cookies & Cream, Reese’s Peanut Butter, Strawberry, Birthday Cake and Triple Chocolate. Then, on top of those 6 flavors they also carry 6 – 10 specialty flavors that rotate daily. Some of those flavors include Lemon Chiffon, Banana Caramel, Mexican Chocolate, Chocolate Bacon, Snickers, Cinnamon Roll, Butter Pecan and so many more. Check out a list of their flavors here.

In addition to cupcakes, they also serve some delicious frozen treats like rolled ice cream, frozen yogurt, and cake shakes.

“What’s better than cake and ice cream?” asks Jeremy Millar, owner of Treehouse Cupcakes & Frozen Treats. “So we take our custard and mix a cupcake with it and it’s called a cake shake and it’s delicious.”

Then they go a step further and place to top half of the cupcake on top of the cake shake so you get both ice cream and your cupcake in every bite.

For their rolled ice cream, they also start with a cupcake of your choosing. They they mix in the ice cream, roll it out, and top it with the top part of the cupcake.

“Most places use cookies or candy or fruit for the flavor if your rolled ice cream,” said Jeremy. “But here you get to pick out your cupcake and we turn it into rolled ice cream.”

Immediately to your right upon entering Treehouse Cupcakes & Frozen Treats is a beautiful mural of a Treehouse with kids hanging out inside. And that’s part of the whole experience of being in Treehouse Cupcakes & Frozen Treats. They have games available, and crates to put cellphones inside so families can come in, detach from technology, and just be present with each other and make memories.

Treehouse Cupcakes & Frozen Treats is located at 220 South Palestine Street in Athens.

Visit their website here, or check our their Facebook here.

While in Athens:

Kendyl Turner

Kendyl Turner

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