Cool off this summer at Splash Kingdom

All parks will be open for the 2023 Season by May 27th!

“Splash Kingdom is a family-oriented water park,” said Johnny Blevins, owner. “We have several [locations], and we just create an environment for families to come and have a great time in the sun with their kids and just enjoy themselves.”

The first Splash Kingdom water park opened in Canton in 2006, and now there are locations in Greenville, Hudson Oaks, Nacogdoches and Shreveport.

“At Splash Kingdom we really want to create an oasis for folks away from their busy lives,” said Johnny. “Everyone is so busy and your summers get so packed with things. When you have an opportunity to step away from what your doing with your work, and get a chance to spend sometime with your kids, this is a closer-to-home option.”

“We really want [our guests] to just get away from the regular life and relax,” said Marci Blevins, owner. “[Our staff] is just here to help people have fun, create a memory and have fun before they go back to their regular life.”

No matter how old you are, there’s something for everyone at any Splash Kingdom location. “We love to see families come together. Whether it’s grandparents and grandkids or parents and their kids, or tweenagers, teenagers, little ones, we have something for everyone,” said Johnny. “And it’s our goal to create a place where everyone in the family could come and just have a great time.”

For ticket information, hours and addresses just find your nearest location from the list below.

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