Enjoy the Texas-Style tacos and barbecue at Wright On Taco Shop

Originally published March 19, 2021

Wright On Taco Shop may be located in a small town, but that doesn’t stop them from delivering big flavor. And their menu includes more than just tacos.

“We love tacos, we love barbecue, we love good food, and so we tried to blend those together,” said Julie Wright, owner of Wright On Taco Shop. “Wright On Taco is, first, a family-owned business. And it is something that we built here in my husbands hometown. It’s just something we have a passion for.”

Brian and Julie Wright opened Wright On Taco Shop in Harleton, Texas in November 2016, and people have been driving miles to enjoy their food ever since.

“We know people travel to come see us, so that is added motivation,” said Brian Wright, owner of Wright On Taco Shop. “[Wright On Taco] is very unique. It’s not something that you’re going to get at a chain restaurant and it’s not what I would specifically call Tex Mex either. It’s more backyard barbecue fusion. We do some traditional tacos, but our special menu is rotating and we’ve got something for everybody.”

The personalized menu is made up of Tacos, barbecue, sides and more, and includes your traditional cravings as well as unique Texas-inspired items.

“Depending on what you like, even if you’re not taco person you will still find tons on our menu that you like,” said Brian. “I think that’s that’s key, is we’ve got a large variety, and we treat each each one of those items with the same respect.”

And in addition to their full-time menu, there are also daily specials you can look forward to. The same goes for the barbecue.

“We’ve got over a dozen craft tacos, we’ve got a barbecue menu and you can order per pound, too,” said Brian. “We have smoked prime brisket every day with pulled pork, And we do housemade sausage that we always do some unique twist on. Today [March 2021] for example, we’ve got a crawfish style sausage. We do barbacoa from time to time, smoked bologna, and other stuff that rotates.”

“I think one of the biggest compliments is that it’s a creative menu,” added Julie. “We tried to blend the traditional Texas barbecue and put a fun little spin on it. It’s food we want you to enjoy. We want you to, whenever we pull the tray out, for your eyes to light up and for you to get excited. We want you to enjoy the full experience.”

All flour tortillas are also hand-pressed, fresh made to the order at Wright On Taco Shop.

“That makes a huge difference,” said Brian. “I think you can have the greatest taco in the world, but if it’s served on a pre-packaged tortilla it’s not the same.”

To view their menu, or place an online order, click here.

Wright On Taco Shop is around 15 minutes from Longview or Marshall and a great excuse to check out the town of Harleton.

“I love meeting new people,” said Julie. “I love hearing they live around the corner or they drove from 45 miles way. It’s just so awesome that they came here to enjoy us.”

“I would just say add us to your rotation, give us a try.” said Brian. “If you like trying new things, we’re geared towards that. We’ve got something on the menu for everybody. We enjoy seeing new faces and it’s great to hear that people will drive from miles and miles away to take that time out of their schedule to do that, that’s always a joy for us.”

Wright On Taco Shop is located at 17227 State Highway 154 in Harleton, Texas.

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Kendyl Turner

Kendyl Turner

Kendyl Turner writes, shoots and edits all stories for The East Texas Weekend. A Texan at heart, Kendyl was born and raised in Houston before venturing away to study Journalism and Spanish at The University of Mississippi. A few years later, Kendyl and her husband moved to East Texas where they’ve decided to make it home.