ONE-DAY GETAWAY: T. C. Lindsey & Co. General Store


The T.C. Lindsey & Co. General Store isn’t likely a place you’ll stumble across on accident, but it is a Texas treasure that you’ll want to make a point to visit.

The T.C. Lindsey & Co. General Store, also referred to as the Jonesville General Store, has been in continuous operation since 1847. So they’re currently celebrating their 175th year in business.

“Our family became involved in the business in the 1870′s when my great-grandfather bought an interest,” said Co-Owner Marty Vaughan. “His son-in-law, T.C. Lindsey, actually ran the business. And our family has been involved off and on since then.”

So you may be wondering, what exactly is the general store?

“It’s an old-timey general store,” said Vaughan. “With lots of antiques on display, none of which are for sale. And a lot of specialty items from jams and jellies and history books and old-fashioned hoop cheese.”

The store also serves as a looking-glass into the past.

Hardware was essential for the farm and household. Our store sold nails by the pound, carriage bolts, nuts, screws,...

Posted by T. C. Lindsey & Co. General Store on Tuesday, February 22, 2022

“Well one of the things that we hope people will experience is getting an idea of how life was in the past,” said Vaughan. “When they look at the antiques and tools that would be crude in terms of today’s standards. We’ve got a history corner where we keep books and things of interest to the local area. And there’s always a chair for somebody to sit down in and talk about history.”

Vaughan says they have a lot of people come in to visit, bringing memories of the store their parents of grandparents passed down.

A hard day's work is never done. Imagine hand washing all of your family's clothes using a scrub board and a hand...

Posted by T. C. Lindsey & Co. General Store on Thursday, February 17, 2022

“It’s a testament, I guess, to the longevity of a business,” said Vaughan. “A business that’s been deeply rooted in a small community. A community where many years ago was an agricultural community. And having grown up here, there’s been kind of a, a relationship developed between and amongst the people, and the land, and neighbors helping neighbors. And so when folks come here, they’re greeted by the friendly faces of our staff. With an attitude of doing anything we can do to help, whether that’s providing assistance with purchases or talking about the history or just having somebody sit down and visit.”

The T.C. Lindsey & Co. General Store is located at 2293 FM 134 in Jonesville, Texas.

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Kendyl Turner

Kendyl Turner

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