Enjoy savory eats and sweets treats at the Windmill Café on the Square

Behind the park in Frankston sits a local café, sure to have something for you! From breakfast, to dinner, with desserts and coffee on hand, the Windmill Café on the Square has it all.

Opening in September of 2020, by co-founders Linda and Paul Streck, the Windmill Café on the Square brings back homestyle food when restaurants were closing in town. Linda, a former regional manager for Kentucky Fried Chicken and over 40 years in the food business, leads the team to bring quality meals to people from all over the area.

“My husband was a commercial builder for many years,” said Linda. “He’s the one that helped take this space and turned it into what it is today... The support here in the community, not only in Frankston but from Jacksonville, Palestine, Athens, and Tyler... the support has been really good, we are really appreciative of it.”

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Posted by Windmill Cafe on the Square on Saturday, March 19, 2022

“(My son) is our general manager. My goal is to eventually have him in complete control, and me just coming in and eating every once in a while,” said Linda. “I know he’ll be there, and I know he cares as much as I do. This will be his one day.”

Three generations of Strecks work at the café, with Paul and Linda’s son, Matt Sprayberry, and Sprayberry’s son, Kody, also working there, both having helped since the first weekend back in September of 2020.

The Windmill Café on the Square offers breakfast each morning, lunch and dinner each afternoon, and desserts that change out every day. The selection of homemade desserts include coconut pie, peach cobbler, and cinnamon rolls. And, don’t forget the coffee and tea, made in house fresh for you, with specialty drinks that change out so there is always something new to try out.

They have also partnered with Hope Station, in Palestine, to create the ‘Station Burger’. This way part of the proceeds from the burger can go back to the Hope Station and help with their cause.

“When I put the menu together,” said Linda, “I was basically putting together things that I would feed my family or my friends... We have very little freezer to fryer, most everything is from scratch.”

On their Facebook page, they post the next day’s ‘Blue Plate Special’, which is their daily special that changes each day and is posted around 8:00pm. Other than the blue plate special, they offer southern cooking, barbecue, burgers, catfish, chicken fried steak, and salads.

The Windmill Café on the Square is located at 270 South Commerce St. in Frankston.

The hours of operation are:

  • Monday-Saturday: 6:00am to 8:00pm
  • Sunday: 6:00am to 3:00pm

Breakfast lasts from 6:00am until 10:30am.

To order food online, click here.

Click here to check out their Facebook page.

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Jade Allen

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