Lose all your senses with Relax Lab

Many people have gotten a massage to relax their body. Now, in Tyler, there is a special type of relaxation to experience, sensory deprivation therapy.

“Some people call it floating. Some people call it sensory deprivation therapy,” said co-founder Lloyd Luthas. “Honestly I feel like floating is such a great term because of the fact that it puts you in a space that’s very unusual and calm and relaxing. It’s putting you in a space of like zero gravity.”

Founded by Laura Barton, Yenissel De Nova, and Lloyd Luthas, Relax Lab works to bring a new kind of escape from the stress of the world and the pressures of the day.

Relax Lab has float guides that walk guests through the entire experience, and teach them how to maximize their float time. Guests are also able to enjoy tea or water during their stay, a blow-dry bar for after you leave the float, and a lounge to wind down and relax in a quiet environment, with coloring books and weighted blankets available.

“We want you to take your time,” said Luthas. “For anybody coming to Relax Lab, I suggest be ready to spend some time don’t be in a hurry. And if you feel like you are rushed when you walk in, we have as many steps as possible to help relieve that, so that you can just take that time for yourself, which is what Relax Lab is all about.”

They provide services for people as far as Dallas and Shreveport with many services available to try out. Of course, this includes the float therapy in one of their three types of flotation pods. Floats can be done alone or as a couple.

“We on a regular basis know that we need infusions of relaxation. We need infusions of peace,” said Barton. “It doesn’t take away stressful events or what might be going on in your world, but it does allow a place, consistently, that can show up for you and can support a more peaceful and ultimately rejuvenating, and like we’ve said in our name, relaxing environment for you to to live in.”

“Sometimes you go into a float 30, 60, or 90 minutes and you’ll come out completely mentally refreshed,” said De Nova. “Just kind of the fatigue has dropped away”

Other services include body work, massage therapy, cranial SAC therapy, Thai yoga stretch, and private restorative yoga. Lounge services include NormaTec recovery, a compression therapy that provides an air pressure massage to relive muscle aches, and NuCalm, a relaxation therapy that helps you achieve optimal brain and body recovery quickly.

Relax Lab is currently open Monday through Saturday from 9 AM - 7 PM, and closed on Sundays.

They are located at 2469 Earl Campbell Pkwy A, Tyler, TX 75701.

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Jade Allen

Jade Allen

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