McDonald’s debuts the Chocolatey Pretzel McFlurry

Just in time for the start of summer, McDonald’s USA is releasing its first new McFlurry® flavor of the year – the Chocolatey Pretzel McFlurry. The tasty frozen treat will be available starting May 25, for a limited time at participating restaurants nationwide. Each McFlurry is made with McDonald’s creamy vanilla soft serve, mixed with chocolate-covered pretzel bits and topped with a rich caramel swirl – making it the perfect combination of salty and sweet. Is your mouth watering yet?

Our fans know the Golden Arches is the place to go when a sweet and salty craving strikes – but why stop with the Chocolatey Pretzel McFlurry when you could pair it with some of our other fan-favorites?

  • If you have a sweet tooth…you’ll love that first taste of the rich chocolatey goodness and tasty caramel together. To make your day even sweeter, compliment it with a warm Apple Pie or Chocolate Chip Cookie.
  • If salty is your thing… the crunchy pretzel pieces are meant for you. You’re def going to want to order a large World Famous Fries® for dipping, or a mouthwatering Big Mac®.

You can get your hands on the new Chocolatey Pretzel McFlurry, along with the classic OREO® or M&M’s® McFlurry, however you order your McDonald’s – in the restaurant, drive-thru or on the McDonald’s App for McDelivery*.

Jade Allen

Jade Allen

Jade Allen explores East Texas to bring the most exciting activities and locations to The East Texas Weekend. Jade came to Texas in 2018, where it has steadily become a home and a place to explore.