Enjoy local honey and pollinators galore with Elzner Farms

From a weekend hobby to a full business, there’s a local family farm making providing honey and bees to local communities!

“It spiraled out of control as a hobby,” said owner Meagan Elzner. “After the first year, we knew we wanted more hives.”

Starting in 2015, the Elzner family started bee keeping, at the time with just two hives. Soon after they added another nine hives and here they are now with a thriving business that not only provides honey and beeswax products, they also provide hives and bees for new bee keepers that would like to start their own journey.

“There are a couple different reasons people are interesting in local honey,” said Elzner. “Typically, the most common reason is for allergies. They want to have the local pollens that are in their honey. Especially since Covid, people have bene really interested in local honey, and because it supports a local business.”

It’s a beautiful day for queen picking #texassummer #beekeeping

Posted by Elzner Farms on Thursday, May 19, 2022

With beehives sprinkled all around East Texas, it’s no surprise to see the success and joy the little fliers have brought.

“My mentor always says, ‘The World needs more beekeepers if we want to solve the beekeeping crisis’,” said Elzner. “And I think that’s a really good point. You can have a beekeeper that has 10,000 hives, but those hives are typically kind of staying all together and going and pollinating large amounts of crops somewhere. And not necessarily just out and about in your own backyard. If you want bees in your own backyard, typically people will start beekeeping on their own to make sure that happens.”

The Elzner family may be a first generation apiary, but the love they show their bees and to the community shines as if they have been around for 100 years.

“The thing I like about beekeeping is for us, it’s really forced us or caused us to be even more observant in nature,” said Elzner. “We’re outside every day working, but we really pay attention to, okay, you know, this flower is in bloom. Well, what other, what other pollinators are foraging on these flowers besides just honey bees.”

Swarm season 🐝 We shook them into the box and took them home so they can get to work 🍯 The wind was blowing so hard the bees that fell outside of the box were smacking into me when they fell 😂 Sure has been a windy spring in East Texas

Posted by Elzner Farms on Tuesday, April 19, 2022

You can shop for Elzner Farm goods online, right here.

To see where Elzner Farm honey is available in store, follow this link. Their honey is sold in multiple locations around Jacksonville and Tyler.

And check out their social media to stay up to date about what’s going on at the farm, and how you can get involved with local pollinators or bee keeping!

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