Learn how you can make a difference locally and around the globe with Jump Shot Coffee

There are many reasons to get a cup of coffee in the morning, like when you need that jump start to get you moving and grooving on to work or some fun activity. Now, in Tyler, we’ve found a place that gives you a little bit more. Founded by Levi and Sasha Rodriquez, they strive to encourage businesses owners to put a cause behind what they do, in whatever way they can.

Jump Shot Coffee, while providing coffee, tea, and many different sweet eats for the public’s pleasure, also spends time giving back to others in the community with their “Love Our City” initiative, by delivering coffee to nurses in the local hospitals or even going around town during Mother’s Day to provide mothers with a fresh drink to start their day.

“Locally, we have an initiative called ‘Love Our City’, that we are starting to branch and launch,” said Levi. “Teaching people to take initiative, simple small steps, like no matter what the resources are that you have, being able to use them to do good in the world.”

Visitors who go through the drive-thru will notice the beautiful mural of children in Uganda, who are aided by Jump Shot Coffee. A portion of their proceeds go to support an orphanage in Uganda, while also using their platform to help find sponsors for the children.

“We set up a time, facetimed them, met a bunch of the kids,” said Sasha. “And I said, for my birthday I want to be able to help these kids, as a family. That’s how it started over two years ago.”

The mural was painted by local mural artist Dace Kidd, and the four children presented in the mural are a part of the orphanage in Uganda.

You can find more information about how to sponsor one of the children on Jump Shot Coffee’s website.

“We have a vision for more. We really believe that entrepreneurs are modern day prophets,” said Levi. “Whatever they promote starts to spread, and with that we love promoting businesses that make an impact and make a purpose. So we want to continue to grow businesses that do the same.”

Keep your eyes and ears peeled for the future of Jump Shot Coffee. As they continue to expand their initiatives and continue helping out others, they plan on taking ten people to Uganda next year to meet the children of the orphanage and explore Uganda.

“It’s going to be a ten day trip,” said Sasha. “Where we’ll be meeting with the kids, serving them, doing activities with them, building with them, and we will get to visit around the country. We’ll visit Lake Victoria, we’ll go on tons of fun trips inside the country.”

More information about how you can sign up for this adventure to meet the children in Uganda will be coming soon.

Jump Shot Coffee is located at 734 S. Fleishel Ave in Tyler.

You can stop by for a treat any day of the week from 5:30 AM to 8:30 PM.

Stay up to date with what’s going on at Jump Shot Coffee by following their Facebook or Instagram, and of course, check out their website for orders, their menu, or to help sponsor a child.

Jade Allen

Jade Allen

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