Keep your eyes on the sky at the Rose City Airfest

Whether you’re an avid fan of aviation or looking for a great way to kick off your July, the 2nd Annual Rose City Airfest is sure to sweep you off your feet.

Randy Ball, the founder and director of Rose City Airfest, is bringing over a dozen different styles of planes, including the iconic World War II era plane, the B-29 Superfortress named “Doc”, one of only two left in the world.

“This is your chance to see a B-29 Superfortress, the type that dropped the atomic bomb in World War II, for the first time in Tyler Texas at an airshow,” said Ball. “We also have the B-25 that’ll be giving rides. The aircraft behind us (a Mig-17) that was used in the very first airshow and still stays in the airshow circuit, almost the entire season, is home for the show. We’ll fly two of those during the airshow.”

“Migs were made famous, I guess by the original ‘Top Gun’ movie,” said Ball. “We own and operate and maintain four Mig-17s here in Tyler, Texas, at the air museum that can be seen when the aircraft are not on the airshow circuit. The aircraft was the tightest turning fighter of the Vietnam war, which makes it really good for airshows, because I can fly it at 4...5... even 600 miles an hour in front of the crowd and still turn it quick enough to get it back in front of the crowd, so you always have something to see.”

If you’d like to see the Mig-17s in action, any of the many other aircraft that will be performing, or to take a ride up in one, make sure to visit the Rose City Airfest.

The Rose City Airfest helps out Camp V, or Community Assisting Military Personnel & Veterans, which is a 20-acre Veteran’s campus who help out over 300 veterans a month. They assist military veterans of all branches reacclimate into the civilian world, provide resources to meet their needs, and have a recreational center for veterans to hang out, do group activities, or to enjoy time together with their families.

Rose City Airfest adult tickets are $25 if bought in advance, and $30 at the event. One child, 12 and under, gets in free with the purchase of each adult ticket. Additional child tickets are $5.

The event is located at the Historic Aviation Memorial Museum Tyler Pounds Regional Airport. Parking is open at 1:00 PM, and gates open at 2:00 PM. The Aircraft exhibit will go from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM, followed by the airshow around 6:00 PM.

Visitors who want to see the planes again can catch them at the Thunder Over Cedar Creek Lake Airshow, Saturday night at 6:30 PM.

Jade Allen

Jade Allen

Jade Allen explores East Texas to bring the most exciting activities and locations to The East Texas Weekend. Jade came to Texas in 2018, where it has steadily become a home and a place to explore.