Sweet job: Candy company hiring official taste tester with $100,000 salary

(Gray News) - Do you have a sweet tooth? There is a job that could have your name on it.

Candy Funhouse is looking to hire a “Chief Candy Officer” with a salary of up to $100,000 to go with it.

The candy company says the role would be the world’s first and only “Chief Candy Officer” who would lead the “FUNhouse” candy strategy. The job would include approving all candy in inventory and deciding whether to award each treat with the official CCO stamp of approval.

The company calls itself the largest online candy store, and the head taste taster would help with its strategy and products.

Candy Funhouse says applications will be accepted until Aug. 31 for the position and open to anyone at least 5 years old.

More information on the company’s open positions can be found here.

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