Enjoy the Pineapple Mojito Sangria from Cantina Laredo


Cantina Laredo brings the taste of modern Mexico to Tyler, and takes pride in bringing the freshest ingredients used for their food and drinks. Bartender Matthew Grady is taking some time to show us how they make one of their fresh and popular drinks, the Pineapple Mojito Sangria!

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What’s in the Pineapple Mojito Sangria:

  • Ice
  • Limes (sliced)
  • Small Bunch of Mint Leaves
  • Pineapple Juice
  • Pineapple Puree
  • Ruffino ‘Lumina’ Pinot Grigio
  • Don Q Cristal Rum
  • Pineapple Slice (for garnish)

Havana, Cuba, is known as the birthplace of the mojito where it started as a remedy for illnesses. While no longer needed as medicine, the mojito has evolved and stayed as a refreshing drink we’ve all come to know. Theories exist that maybe Sir Francis Drake, the English explorer and privateer, created a version of the mojito while out at sea or while at port in Havana back in the 1500′s. Back here in the 21st century though, you can enjoy a mojito made with the freshest ingredients without the sea water splashing around.

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Cantina Laredo is located at 7428 Old Jacksonville in Tyler, Texas.

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