Enjoy a glass of wine and relax with Rowdy Creek Ranch

There’s no shortage of activities and experiences to enjoy around East Texas, but what if you could combine them all into one amazing place?!

Rowdy Creek Ranch takes the best parts of East Texas and mixes it all into their 450-acre experience that takes you back into a calmer time where you sit back, breathe some fresh air, and be away from the day-to-day troubles we all face.

“It was such a beautiful property that we wanted others to share with us,” said owner Debra Bolnick. “We slowly started developing the property. I loved it because it had a creek, thus Rowdy CREEK Ranch, going all the way through the property.”

When you spend your weekend at Rowdy Creek Ranch, you can first and foremost expect a wonderful selection of wine, that is made on the property. To help make sure you remember your favorite wine, they have an animal on each bottle, like the Sweet Blush with a donkey or the Cabernet Sauvignon that features a Texas Longhorn. Each bottle features a different member of what they call their “Herd”.

To really make it a weekend trip, and the best way to fully enjoy what the ranch has to offer, you have to stay in their glamping village, which features the vintage trailers that Bolnick brought from her time in Montana. You are able to stay the full weekend, either in the trailers or in a cabin, and this includes the chance to fish, kayak, and paddleboat on the 18-acre lake at the ranch. Going out on the water and fishing are only available when you stay the night in the village. Make sure you don’t miss out on some fun time at the lake during your stay.

“It’s a long day, visitors will start off wine tasting, and then they’ll go off and enjoy our outside activities,” said manager Alma Perez. “We have pickleball, ping pong, corn hole, fishing, hiking. You come for a short time but you stay for a long time.”

While you’re visiting or staying over in the village, you can enjoy many of the non-lake activities as well all over the property! There are full pickleball courts you can reserve, live music every Friday and Saturday night to enjoy as the sun goes down, and the ranch has its own food truck conveniently parked next to the village when you’re in need of something filling. If you need a little something extra to remember your time at the ranch, you can visit their gift shop indoors.

“What is so special to me is Alma, Mr. Perez, the servers, Marlene at the food truck, it is a family,” said Bolnick. “It is a family atmosphere, and we want everybody to feel the same.”

The ranch feels just like a secret piece of heaven where you get to spend your time relaxing with like minded people who let their troubles fade away, and spend time feeling like a community. While there, it was evident of how much love and care goes into Rowdy Creek Ranch, especially by the families that run the ranch and have created and maintained an atmosphere that attracts visitors to join them in bliss and have a glass of wine.

As for the future at the ranch, there will be a grand opening on September 10th, 2022, for the wine producing center that you first see when you enter the property. You can already schedule a tour to see how the wine is bottled and produced by contacting the ranch here!

Rowdy Creek Ranch is open Friday thru Sunday each week. They are located at 4048 ST HWY 300, Gilmer, TX 75645.

  • Friday: 4:00 PM - 10:00 PM
  • Saturday: 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Sunday: Noon - 4:00 PM

Make sure to visit their website to reserve your stay today!

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