Change is on the way at Britt’s Wine & Dine


Change keeps coming to Britt’s Wine & Dine, and owner Britt Davis isn’t done yet with making his winery one of the best in East Texas.

“Many people may have just noticed we’re here for the first time! One of our main focuses is wine pairing and wine education,” said Davis. “We offer a place where people can come and learn about wines. Every month we do a thing called the ‘Global Wine Tasting’, where we’re introducing you to wines from different countries and regions around the world.”

More than just the place to taste wine and try out what’s new, it presents the perfect opportunity to talk with other wine lovers and as Davis previously told us, “We are a no-wine-snob zone here.”

To better feature the entertainment and improve the community experience, updates are underway to continue improving your experience when you visit. With one of the most notable features on the way being the outdoor courtyard near the entrance, which will include nighttime lighting, a place for live outdoor music, a barbecue grill, and plenty of seating and tables for guests to enjoy.

Further down the line, guests can expect to see the garden and vineyard grow, which may also include a “You-Pick” where you can pick your own grapes for wine. These will be used to further the learning experience of what it’s like to grow and produce wine in East Texas.

A constant change that should keep you coming back, is the ever changing line of wines, some produced by Britt himself and others brought in from other countries to give guests a chance to experience wines from near and far and open a discussion about what makes them all special.

Hours of Operation

  • Wednesday & Thursday: 4:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • Friday & Saturday: Noon - 9:00 PM

Check out events going on at Britt’s Wine & Dine that you can be a part of.

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Britt’s Wine and Dine is located at 400 North Garcia Street in Kilgore.

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