“Corn dog on a stick, sausage on a stick, I’m on a stick!”

Sitting above the State Fair crowd, meet the Midway Barker

He’s got a pogo stick and knows how to use it! The half-man, half-pole, Midway Barker is a staple of the State Fair of Texas, offering 6 shows each and every day of the fair, right in front of the Midway.

Andy Mullins, the Midway Barker for almost 20 years, is a native Texan who loves to bring joy to kids and adults alike as they get to experience the State Fair of Texas for the first time or the 30th time. The shows run about 25 minutes and is one of the most interactive shows at the fair, as you can actively talk with the Barker, and of course snag a selfie.

“A lot of people come up after the show and they say ‘I really enjoy it, you’re my favorite thing here,’” said Mullins. “That makes me feel good, I know there’s a lot of people’s favorites here, even if it’s the corndogs. I can’t beat those corndogs! But that does make me feel good and I always love coming back.”

Unlike many shows you can see, this experience is always changing. The people are ever changing, and the jokes depend on what’s going on around the Midway. Mullins mentioned that his favorite part of it all are the kids. “They always ask ‘How do you do it?, What happened to your legs?’ and they are full of wonder on their first visit.”

Mullins stands at a solid 6 foot 5, so how does he transform into the man on the pole? We’re not going to spill any secrets, you’ll have to visit the State Fair of Texas and let us know what you think!

See the full article about the State Fair of Texas for a taste at what’s to come when you visit!

The State Fair of Texas, 2022, runs until October 23rd, and you can get your tickets here.

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