Search for paranormal activity while investigating haunted locations

Everyone loves a story, as it’s our way of sharing history and excitement, even before movies, games, and books grew into what they are now, and ghost stories are no different.

Stories of the paranormal are no stranger to Texas, and Terrell provides its own look into the past with a tour through true perceived paranormal experiences.

Since 2014, Terrell Ghost Walk has provided a small group experience through the old downtown, in Terrell, that gives you a very personal experience, the opportunity to ask questions, and time to share your own stories.

“I wasn’t a real big believer in ghosts, I thought a lot of it was overactive imagination,” said Brenda Newby, Paranormal Researcher. “We caught a photo [while on a tour], and that photo sent me seeking more answers. It took off from there, and it actually became a family affair, with me, my mother, and my son who all started this together.”

There are two main kinds of tours, one that goes through the old downtown business area of Terrell, where you will learn about the history of different building, what they used to be, and the spirits that may still call those walls home, and the second tour that stays in an enclosed courtyard surrounded by haunted buildings, where stories can be shared, history can be learned, and have a drink while enjoying your time.

“Wear comfortable shoes and go into it without any expectations,” said Newby. “It may be a night where the dowsing rods are going mad, may be a night where it’s quiet, you may see a shadow person, may not see a thing. Try to erase your expectations, plan to come, and hear some great ghost stories.”

The Terrell Ghost Walk tour lasts around 2.5 hours and typically runs on Friday & Saturday nights from May to October. Private tours are available all year round, by request.

Learn how you can take the tour by clicking here to their website.

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Jade Allen

Jade Allen

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