Catch a breath of fresh air on this cozy stroll

Since 2019, the team at Mission Dolores has decorated their trail and made the walk festive and enjoyable! With night coming earlier in the winter, the lights provide a fun way to enjoy the walk and keep the holiday spirit up even after Christmas has ended.

The trail will stay lit up until just after the new year. It goes for around 1/4th of a mile, perfect for a leisurely stroll or to clear your mind after an eventful day.

To learn more about Mission Dolores State Historic Site, or book a stay at one of their campgrounds, you can click here to visit their website.

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Jade Allen

Jade Allen

Jade Allen explores East Texas to bring the most exciting activities and locations to The East Texas Weekend. Jade came to Texas in 2018, where it has steadily become a home and a place to explore.