Indulge in ice cream cocktails & East Texas cuisine at this family-owned destination

Family-owned and bringing a bit of everything to East Texas, Z’s Main Street Treats and Eats is a restaurant, bar, and ice cream counter that’s providing a casual, yet more elevated dining experience to anyone who comes through their doors.

Opening their doors in June of 2021, Z’s Main Street was born out of a shared idea between Matt Zimmer, his partner Mayra Espinal, and Matt’s parents Bill & Susan Zimmer. Espinal explains, “Matt worked in the alcohol industry in Dallas, I worked in marketing, his mom had some kitchen experience, and dad also had some marketing experience. We just all kind of came together.” Prior to opening Z’s Main Street, the family had never worked in the restaurant industry.

“We saw a need for some place to open, be stable and get that that community involvement back to where people know a place they can go,” said Matt. “We had the ambition, and my dad saw the need for an ice cream spot in town, and we just put them all together.”

With how hot Texas summers *and most other seasons* can be, the ice cream counter provides a way for the whole family to enjoy a quick treat. For those a bit older, the bar also serves up ice cream cocktails. “If you want to come, come here and get an old fashioned, a martini, we have ice cream cocktails, because we do have the ice cream bar,” said Espinal. “I run [the bar] and just getting to make drinks and getting to learn about people that come in, it’s fun getting to know them, meeting new people every day.”

Being family-owned, you’ll often see one of the owners as they’re serving and preparing all that Z’s Main Street has to offer. Matt said, “It comes out in our cocktails, in our food, even in the ice cream desserts that we prepare for our customers, and it makes them feel like family when they come and visit us. We try and get out there and greet our customers and ask them how their meal was and whether they see me, my dad, Mayra, or my mom. They’ve gotten to know us over the past two years of being open, and so they feel like their family as well.”

And along with the owners who are all working hands on to make the experience splendid, most of the staff have been at the restaurant since the beginning as well, and really help capitalize how much of a family experience this is, with Matt adding, “We really appreciate all the work that they do, their time and commitment that they’ve given to us. We couldn’t have this restaurant if we didn’t have them.”

As an added treat, at the front is a honey stand selling local honey from the family’s bee farm. The honey even is used in their own recipes.

At the end of the day, Z’s Main Street Treats & Eats is more than just a restaurant, it’s a testament to the power of family, community, and a shared love for food.

Z’s Main Street is available for catering as well, you can contact them here or call 903-342-2650 for inquiries.

They are open Wednesday - Saturday from 11:00 AM - 9:00 PM & Sunday from 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM.

Learn more before you visit by visiting Z’s Main Street’s website, or check out their Facebook & Instagram pages to learn more about specials and events as they happen.

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Jade Allen

Jade Allen

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