Texas Shakespeare Festival returns for the 38th season

The Texas Shakespeare Festival is returning for its 38th season, and theatre lovers can now purchase tickets online for the upcoming productions. The festival will run from June 29 to July 30 at Van Cliburn Auditorium on the Kilgore College campus.

This year’s lineup includes a mix of classic and modern productions, showcasing the versatility and talent of the actors, directors, and designers involved. Among the performances are “The Comedy of Errors” and “Lear” by William Shakespeare, the musical “Something Rotten!” by Karey Kirkpatrick and John O’Farrell, “Pride & Prejudice” by Jane Austin, “Charlotte Collins” by Grace Abele, and “Todrick the Not-so-Terrible,” a children’s show also by Grace Abele.

To purchase tickets or learn more about the upcoming productions you can learn more on the Texas Shakespeare Festival website.

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Jade Allen

Jade Allen

Jade Allen explores East Texas to bring the most exciting activities and locations to The East Texas Weekend. Jade came to Texas in 2018, where it has steadily become a home and a place to explore.