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As part of our ongoing Subaru Support series, Peltier Subaru in Tyler is shining a spotlight on a non-profit organization each month. Here in June, we are learning about the APEC Adaptive Foundation and how they are assisting East Texans of all ages with free support and training systems for their short and long term needs.

The APEC Adaptive Foundation is a non-profit organization that started in 2018 and works with members of the neurodivergent community and those with have physical impairments, no matter the age, to help provide them with support, training, health services, and builds them up to become the best version of themselves they can be. Most importantly, all this help is done at no cost to the individual or family.

“Who we primarily service out here in East Texas is the neurodivergent community. We have some neurodivergent kids & adults, autistic and Down’s syndrome, that we help give them a steady health solution,” said Executive Director Doug Leighton. “And then we also do a lot of physical dysfunctions. So, amputees, spinal cord injury, wheelchair bound, spinal bifida, any congenital disorders, a lot of those physical impairments.”

While APEC (Athlete Performance Enhancement Center) itself is for-profit and specializes in athlete training, the Adaptive Foundation works to show those in need the importance of teamwork, leadership, and personal growth. And through the foundation, they are able to develop the skills that not only help them physical improve but learn how to succeed in their jobs and when in the professional world.

No matter what the need may be, the Adaptive Foundation ensures that each person’s unique needs will be met. Leighton said, “If someone is fresh into an amputation, I connect them with an amputee that’s been an amputee for decades and can kind of help them in that transition period to have a partner.” It’s through collaborations, either with individuals who can help or other non-profits, such as Tyler Run for Autism, Autism Response Team, and Neurodivergent Advocates of East Texas, that help the foundation to succeed and make sure that all needs are met.

If you, or someone you know, are needing support or help through health services, the easiest way to get in touch with the Adaptive Foundation is to click here to their website, where they have an online form to first gather all the relevant information about what kind of help you’re looking for.

The more details you’re able to provide, the better the foundation can know how to help. This helps them know what’s necessary to help the individual become their best and offer some options to help reach that point.

On the other hand, if you would like to support the Adaptive Foundation, there are multiple ways to do so! If time is not available, monetary donations are always welcome as they help fund the programs and services to the individual applying for help. There are also business sponsorships that provide a list of perks based on the size of the donation as well.

Each year there are multiple events that the Adaptive Foundation holds, such as their spring block party and a fall golf scramble. Even just attending these events and sharing them online helps the non-profit continue to thrive as these are fundraisers that continue to support their needs. Along with attending the events, volunteers can be needed to help facilitate the events and provide an enjoyable experience for all who attend!

“Here in East Texas, we have other events we’re trying to do to. If you can come out to the events and then volunteer wise, I will have some more stuff to do,” said Leighton. If you’re interested in volunteering to help, you can click here to see the foundation’s contact information.

To keep up with events going on with the APEC Adaptive Foundation so you can be a part of it too, you can visit their website, or check them out on Facebook and Instagram.

Peltier Subaru Supports is the latest initiative at The East Texas Weekend created to highlight local non-profits around East Texas. Each month we will feature a new organization in our region to highlight their importance within our community. If you have an idea for our next feature, let us know by emailing us here.

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