Costco Sells a 27-Pound Bucket of Macaroni & Cheese

Costco is great for buying your necessities in bulk…but their 27-pound bucket of mac & cheese  takes it to a whole new level.

27 Pound Tub of Macaroni & Cheese

No seriously…you can buy 27 pounds of Macaroni and Cheese!

The Chef’s Banquet Macaroni & Cheese Storage Bucket comes with a price tag of $89.99 but it’s said to have 180 servings of this carb-ilicious pasta.

The mac and cheese doesn’t come completely ready to eat. According to the website the cheese and pasta are packaged separately in the bucket to protect the quality and 20 year shelf life!

The bucket is filled with 6, 30 serving zip-sealed pouches of the Cheddar Sauce Mix and 6,30 serving zip-sealed pouches of Macaroni Pasta. All you have to do is open the resealable pouches, get what you want to eat, add hot water and within minutes enjoy!

You can click here for the nutrition facts, but it’ll probably taste better if you don’t.

If you don’t want a bowl or plate, the mac & cheese comes in a 6-gallon bucket. So dive on in!

You can find the giant bucket online here, but just to warn you … it’s sold out!

Click here to find the Costco closest to you.


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