3 Easy ways to spice up your Eggnog

Elevating this popular holiday drink is a cinch.

There are many ways to add some excitement to a glass of eggnog.  Some holiday spice can certainly do the trick.  And alcohol can be welcome as well.

When it comes to spirits, the most common pairings for eggnog are bourbon and rum.  Rum is sweeter, and it will pair more subtly with the sugary drink, while bourbon is full of bolder flavors that can overwhelm the drink.  The best advice might be: If you want to taste your alcohol, spike your eggnog with bourbon. If you don’t, spike it with rum.

Regardless, you’ll find you need to stir your drink to mix it properly, and a trick to impart more holiday flavor is to use a cinnamon stick as your stirrer.  Just don’t leave the stick in the glass as a garnish … it will disintegrate and get your drink more muddied than you might like.

Finally, polish off your eggnog with some freshly grated nutmeg.  Nutmeg is an essential addition for some, and the freshly grated stuff is just plain better.

And there you have it: 3 easy steps for an excellent eggnog.