5 tips for your first time at a drive-thru safari

What you should and should not do on your next drive-thru safari

The Cherokee Trace Drive-Thru Safari is a great way to see a variety of wildlife and exotic animals from the comfort of your own car. Ranch Manager John Abdnor shares some tips on what you should or should not do if it’s your first time.

Number One:

  • Buy extra feed.  Your admission into the park includes a sack of feed, but don’t make the rookie mistake and not buy more. There’s HUNDREDS of animals you’ll see and you’re going to want food for every last one of them. Trust us.

Number Two:

  • Stay in your car. Seriously, don’t get out. The animals at Cherokee Trace know they’re about to get fed, and they’re not afraid to get up close and personal for some of that delicious feed you’re keeping in your passenger seat.

Number Three:

  • Enjoy the animals. This is an incredible opportunity to see animals like  zebras, giraffes, deer, a yak and a camel hanging out together on an open pasture. Soak it up.

Number Four:

  • Stay a while. You may not realize it, but Cherokee Trace is a 300-acre preserve filled with dozens of exotic and endangered species. It’s a self-guided tour so you can go as quick or slow as you’d like.

Number Five:

  • Enjoy yourself. This natural environment has miles of roads that take you to another world. You will forget you’re actually nestled in East Texas.


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