7 Yard Games to Play This Weekend

There’s nothing like getting together with a group of friends on the weekend, firing up the grill, drinking some ice-cold brews and playing a game of Turkey Sticks. You probably have no idea what that is because it’s a yard game popular with our friends at Queen City Weekend in Charlotte.
So here are a list of gun yard games you can play this weekend, or any weekend. Take a picture and share it with us on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #TheEastTexasWeekend . Is Facebook your thing? We've got that, too.
Got something to add to our list? then Let us know!

Turkey Sticks

Google searches gave me multiple names for this, but the one we liked best was “Frisbeer.” This is a personal favorite yard game to play! Go here for the rules.
Bonus rule: If you do not have the frisbee, you can try and sneak over to the other team’s bottle and slap it down with your hands. If they see you, they scream Turkey and try to hit you with the frisbee before you get back to your side. 2 points if you get the bottle. 1 point if they hit you with the frisbee. (This is how we chose the name ‘Turkey Sticks.’)


You can either play this game in a designated area or explore a whole area. I’ve played this with up to 50 other people before. We just had a bunch of sets and combined them.


I’ve played this once and it was really fun. And it’s fairly simple to set up and play.


Via Moody Air Force Base

This is the most “Go-To” yard game there is. But if you have arguments on scoring… Here’s the official rules.


This game was on Shark Tank and has a lot more physical activity. But, it looks like a blast!

Beer Pong Golf

If you like beer pong, cornhole and golf… you’re going to LOVE this!

Ladder Golf

I think the only reason it has the word golf is because golf balls are involved. But no golf skills are required!

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