A Valentine’s Day candy returns and all we can say is BE MINE!

Sweethearts Candies

In 2018, the New England Confectionary Company closed up shop, ending 116 years of Sweethearts candy.

You remember those right? WINK WINK. They came in a box. Kinda chalky that had a mysterious SWEET flavor with romatic-ish sayings on it long before initialisms like LOL became cool.

Sweethearts Candies

Spangler Candy gobbled up most of the old company and they, in slightly cryptic post on their website, teased us all about a possible return.

Well, we’re here to confirm IT’S TRUE! The iconic Valentine’s Day candy will be returning to the candy aisle this year!

After moving the candy making equipment from Massachusetts to Ohio, the Valentine’s Day candy returns this month in select stores, which include Walgreens & CVS.

Next year, even more stores will stock the product. Maybe this time they will stick around FOR EVER.

Checkout these Sweethearts Candies facts:

  • All of the sayings are printed with red vegetable coloring.
  • BE MINE, BE GOOD, BE TRUE and KISS ME sayings date back to the launch of the candy in 1902.
  • In the early 1990s, more modern expressions like FAX ME came into vogue.
  • The candy comes in seven flavors and colors.
  • 8 Billion hearts are made every year.

You can read more about the history of the candy here.

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