Lace-up in style with East Texas native Patrick Mahomes’ Adidas running shoe

Adidas Patrick Mahomes Sneakers
Photo of Speedfactory AM4Mahomes courtesy of Adidas

Whitehouse native Patrick Mahomes, who is the starting quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs, now has his own line of sneakers.

For $150 fans can lace-up some Mahomes magic with the Speedfactory AM4Mahomes, in white with black and gold detailing and Mahomes autograph and number, from Adidas.

If you want to view more angles of the shoe, or purchase some you can click here.

According to the Adidas website they’re “still working on getting [you] more information about the Speedfactory AM4Mahomes,” but the new shoes are categorized as running athletic & sneakers.

The shoes were first offered exclusively to fans at the Kansas City Chiefs’ Arrowhead Stadium towards the end of September after they beat the Ravens 33-28.

But they became available for purchase nation-wide just days later.

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