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Benjamin Franklin: The Punctual Plumber

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing has been providing plumbing services to homeowners in East Texas for decades, and through the years they’ve continued to enhance their services with new, innovative technology.

Their latest incorporation is Bluelight LED pipe rehabilitation and replacement technology.

“So we’ve got some exciting news in the world of plumbing,” said Owner John Crymes. “We are pleased to be the first to offer this cutting-edge technology, not only to East Texas but to the entire state of Texas.”

The Bluelight LED system is a trenchless option that allows them to replace or repair sewage piping, storm drainage piping, and more without extensive damage to buildings, yards, driveways, or other structural areas.

“With this technology we can quickly do the job and get in and out with little downtime,” said Crymes. “So we’re not tearing up yards, driveways, slabs or flower beds. We can actually go in from outside the house.”

Conventional methods of repairing or replacing pipes require costly, time-consuming, and invasive procedures that tear up lawns.

Bluelight is a fast-curing epoxy liner that allows Benjamin Franklin technicians to make needed repairs quickly and with less intrusion. What used to take days to repair is now being finished in hours.

Learn more about trenchless pipe repair.

“Benjamin Franklin is your one-stop service plumbing company in East Texas,” said Crymes. “We can take on any task, whether it be a major drain renovation or a small drippy faucet.”

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Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is located at 15040 Hwy. 110 S in Whitehouse.

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