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Good for the Earth. Good for each other. Good for you.

Ridiculously Good Branding and Threads does it all. They provide brand identity, provide social media marketing and web design, and they’re an apparel company.

“We work with a lot of clients, small and local businesses in the East Texas area,” said Justin West, co-owner of Ridiculously Good Branding and Threads. “On top of that we do branding for new businesses or somebody wants to re-brand if their message or vision is changing we come in and help them along in the process. And also we have a little shirt store where we can have another creative outlet for ourselves, where, when we’re working so much with clients we just need a day to make some shirts for ourselves.”

In addition to working with clients, they also have a retail shop open Monday – Saturday where they sell their custom made apparel like these popular East Texas shirts.

“We are local East Texas guys who make a lot of our apparel to help build a culture in Downtown Tyler and East Texas as a whole,” said Loren Roe, co-owner of Ridiculously Good Branding and Threads. “This is home, and so being able to create shirts and other apparel that enables you to show your pride about where you live is great because we genuinely believe that East Texas is the most beautiful.”

Roe and West hand make every single shirt. They start with researching every element of the design from the font to the color, to getting the screens ready for print, hand mixing the ink color, then hand pushing the ink through the screens before the shirt is put through the dryer then folded.

The entire process is fascinating to watch.

“We use what’s called a pantone matching system,” said West. “It’s an international color language for printing because consistency is very important in branding.”

West goes on to mention that finding the perfect for their clients, and their own creations is extremely important. “I think the hand touch and the personal touch of what we do is so important,” said West. “We care if it’s a certain shade of red. If somebody wants a bright red instead of a regular red we want to make that for them. Caring for our clients and helping them our in any way we can is very important to us.”

If you’re interested in purchasing one of their shirts you can shop online. Check out their inventory here.

Ridiculously Good Branding & Thread Co. is located at 257 South Broadway Avenue.

Check out their website here.

Follow them on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube for their latest projects and updates.

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