Buy these animatronic dinosaurs and make your own Jurassic Park

All photos from the Able Auctions website

It’s time to stop thinking about re-doing the yard, and time to start doing it! Re-sod the lawn, put in some flower beds, and mount a massive robotic dinosaur next to the driveway.

If that sounds like what you’ve been saying this Summer, have we got good news for you. The British Columbia-based auction website Able Auctions is going to be selling off over seventy-five pieces of dinosaur park attraction pieces. There’s fossil pieces, replicas of brontosaurus bones…and all the motorized animatronic dinosaurs you can handle. On August 6th, the dinos go to the highest bidder.

All set to go home with you!

Surprise and delight your neighbors with an incessantly whirring and clacking prehistoric behemoth that will tower over any fence they may put up! Start your own Jurassic Park experience in your tool shed! There is no end to the life-enhancing addition of an animatronic dinosaur on your property. So sign up on the auction website, and make sure your passport is current for your upcoming Canadian trip to pick up your soon-to-be giant new best friend.

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Geese shown for scale.
Why get a koi pond when you can get this terror?
This would be good for the front room of your house, where you can give guests the “Life…finds a way” speech.

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