Pizza Hut makes large cheese-stuffed Cheez-It pizza pockets a reality

Cheese-stuffed Cheez-It pizza pockets… sounds like something an 8-year-old or a college kid (one in the same, right?) could only dream of, right?!

Well, Pizza Hut made it a reality and you can order yours now for a limited-time.

Photo courtesy of Pizza Hut / Delish

This ultimate junk food experience comes with four baked jumbo squares of toasty sharp-cheddar Cheez-It crust stuffed with cheese. Then, a cup of marinara dipping sauce joins on the side. You can choose a ‘cheese-only’ or a ‘cheese and pepperoni’ stuffing.

The pizza squares look just like Cheez-It crackers. But, they are obviously thicker as the pillow-like shape holds melted cheese on the inside. So, I wouldn’t necessarily call it a “pizza” as the shape and texture probably fit better along the lines of a calzone. But, you get the idea.

Cheez-It and Pizza Hut unite — what happens next is just junk food magic.

Seriously, it sounds like the midnight snack to end all midnight snacks. Get your hands on the big red box by ordering the Stuffed Cheez-It Pizza at Pizza Hut locations nationwide for $6.49.

The large pizza company seems pretty proud of their partnership creation. Congratulations, Pizza Hut and Cheez-It, it’s a cheesy-stuffed baby!

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