Chocolate Beignets are here from Popeye’s

I think we all need to end 2021 on a sweet note. Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen seems to think so and dropped chocolate stuffed beignets. For a limited time, you can buy 3, 6 or 12 beignets at participating Popeye’s. The New Orleans dessert staple finally comes nationwide after a successful test run earlier this year and are rolling out now.

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Worried about the powdered sugar going everywhere? The fast food chicken chain thought of that too and has you covered. Now you can get the Beignet camo cotton/poly blend hoodie. Wear the black hoodie that is pre-dusted with white specks. So if so powdered sugar happens to fall on it, no one will really notice. “Embrace the mess” is their message on their ordering website.

Popeyes Chocolate Beignets
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We’ll see if the Popeye’s Chocolate beignets bonanza will be as popular when Popeye’s launched their chicken sandwich a few years ago. Back then you had to line up early and wait while hoping they didn’t sell out of the sandwiches. When in New Orleans, lines are usually long at the Café du Monde for their tasty deep fried choux pastry treats.

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