DIY Balloon Banner

They're pretty decorations and not as difficult as you might think to make.

This easy DIY balloon banner will make any event pop! This is something you can use for any event, celebration or get together (when covid is over). This banner is super simple and can be made to match any theme. I have used flowers and ribbon through out the banner just to add a different look. You can use glue dots to help hold anything to the balloons. Here are the steps for the DIY balloon banner:


Balloon pump (I found this one on Amazon)

Balloon ribbon




First blow up 2 balloons and tie them together making a group of 2. You want to make the balloons the same size as best you can. I blow up quite a few so the next step is easier and faster. Next take 2 groups of balloons and twist them so you make a group of 4. If you are using 4 different color balloons I try not to put the same color in the grouping.

After you have all the balloons grouped into 4 get the balloon ribbon and measure a length so you have some to hang. Next wrap the ribbon around the balloons in different ways (there is no wrong way to do this it is just making sure the balloons and the ribbon stay together).

Once you have your first set on the ribbon stack the next set and wrap the ribbon around the balloons. Repeat this step until you get the length that you need. **Tip** when wrapping the ribbon wrap it down a few strands so you get a better hold of the balloons.

diy balloon banner

See I told you it was easy! I have made these for all of my son’s birthday parties and always get so many complements on them.