Dragonfly Art Studio

When it comes to these women, the possibilities for glass art is limitless!

It’s been over a decade since Sophie Crowson and Melissa Brown decided to leave behind corporate America and pursue their true passion: glass art. So the┬ámother and daughter duo opened Dragonfly Art Studio in Downtown Mineola and have never looked back.

Before you even step foot inside the store, you’re greeted with a colorful sign bearing the name, and a window filled with their creations.

Inside, glass art ranging from mosaic ladies, to dragonfly mobiles to wind chimes to glass letters to animals and beyond fill the room. Every piece is expertly crafted, but some of their most recognizable work lays on a wall to the right. The Hallelujah Ladies!

Sophie and Melissa say they’re goal with these ladies is simple: empower women. Whether you’re going through a rough time, or looking to celebrate a good moment, the ladies pictured above are designed to walk you through it. Sophie and Melissa make them in a variety of sizes, designs and colors. And they take custom orders.

When we asked Sophie what one of her favorite parts of the business was, she said it was getting to come up with something new, unique and one-of-a-kind. There’s no rules in glass art, and that’s the beauty of it.

Another one of their favorite parts is just getting to talk to customers. People from all over the state and beyond find themselves shopping inside the studio, and Sophie and Melissa’s contagious personalities and laughter make everyone feel so welcome.

Dragonfly Art Studio is located at 105 N. Johnson St. in Mineola. Their hours vary, so you can call them at (903) 569-9209 for their most up to date hours, or you can click here to forfollow them on Facebook.

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