East Texas Bourbon Strikes Gold in New Orleans

Jimmy’s Straight Texas Bourbon Whiskey recently received a coveted gold medal at the North American Bourbon & Whiskey Competition held in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Jimmy’s is one of three spirits produced by the Distillery at Kiepersol south of Tyler, Texas.

This small batch Texas craft bourbon bears the name of WWII veteran Jimmy Hines, grandfather of our distiller. The amber-colored bourbon reflects through the lenses of his original torpedo bomber pilot goggles, highlighting the theme of freedom that runs through all Kiepersol’s spirits. Aromas of vanilla and cinnamon lead into a toffee palate and a smooth, lingering finish.

Proprietor, Marnelle Durrett shared, “We carefully craft our spirits to be comfortable to drink and have catered to what our customers love. We are grateful that the industry recognizes the efforts of our creative and driven distillery production team.”

The North American Bourbon & Whiskey Competition is dedicated to identifying North America’s best bourbon and whiskey based on products available. Six professional international, national and regional judges tasted more than 85 entries in 64 different categories. The double blind competition rates spirits compared on style and price category.

Kiepersol is a food, wine and spirits destination outside of Tyler, Texas featuring a chophouse restaurant as well as wine and spirits tasting rooms. Since 2000, Kiepersol has been producing estate-grown Texas wines from 61 acres of European grape varietals. In 2014, Kiepersol launched three spirits brands into the Texas and Louisiana markets – Dirk’s Texas Vodka, Jimmy’s Texas Bourbon and Pierre’s Texas Rum. Kiepersol is dedicated to creating the finer moments in life for all their guests.

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