Get your fix at one of these 10 East Texas coffee shops

There's never a wrong time for coffee, and whether you're looking for your Monday morning cup, or your Thursday afternoon 'pick-me-up' there are plenty of options around you.

Here are 10 East Texas Coffee Shops to check out: 

East Texas Coffee Clean Brew

Clean Brew

Van, TX

Clean Brew is one of the most unique coffee shops in East Texas because it’s part gourmet coffee and part laundromat, hence the name Clean Brew.

The menu is complete with lattes, teas and a unique drink called the 1885. It’s a shot of espresso mixed with a Dr. Pepper and poured over ice. See how to make one here.

Clean Brew is located at 314 East Pennsylvania Street in Van.

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East Texas Coffee Cream and Coffee

Cream and Coffee

Palestine, TX

Cream and Coffee is a coffee shop located in Old Town Palestine.

Locals, and visitors alike, love sipping their coconut lattes on the patio, or finishing the day with one of their Affogatos.

Cream and Coffee is located at 126 Crockett Road in Palestine.

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East Texas Coffee Joe Pine Coffee Co

Joe Pine Coffee Co.

Marshall, TX

Joe Pine Coffee Co. is a speciality coffee shop in Marshall serving the highest quality coffee roasted in small batches by Texas roasters.

Their house-made syrups (Mexican Vanilla, caramel and mocha) are the perfect sweet addition to their tasty lattes.

Joe Pine Coffee Co. is located at 207 North Washington Avenue in Marshall.

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East Texas Coffee Jo's Downtown

Jo's Downtown

Mount Pleasant, TX

Jo’s is all about community, handcrafted coffee and other really good stuff. Whether it’s for relaxation, studying, hanging out, listening to music or something else, they’ve got coffee for everyone.

But Jo’s is so much more than a coffee shop. Jo’s Downtown is an antique shop, and Center Church is located upstairs. You can read all about the building here.

Jo’s Downtown is located at 102 North Jefferson Avenue in Mount Pleasant.

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East Texas Coffee Nine Flags Coffee Roasters

Nine Flags Coffee Roasters

Nacogdoches, TX

Nine Flags Coffee Roasters in Nacogdoches is a small-batch, wood-fired gourmet coffee roaster. Meaning they roast their gourmet coffee beans by hand in their own monitored wood-fired oven until they’re perfect for coffee.

Nine Flags Coffee Roasters offers coffee from a variety of different countries including Costa Rica, Panama, Peru, Kenya and more.

Nine Flags Coffee Roasters is located at 1504 North Street in Nacogdoches.

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East Texas Coffee The Screen Door

The Screen Door Ice Cream & Coffee and Tea Club

Gladewater, TX

The Screen Door, located in downtown Gladewater, offers ice cream, specialty tea, and gourmet coffee…so there’s truly something for everyone!

You know what they say …The Screen Door Ice Cream & Coffee & Tea Club is the place you want to be!

The Screen Door is located at 106 East Commerce Avenue in Gladewater.

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East Texas Coffee Silver Grizzly Espresso

Silver Grizzly Expresso

Longview, TX

Silver Grizzly Espresso offers craft coffee, tea and beer for locals and travelers alike.

And according to the ‘About Us‘ on their website, Silver Grizzly Espresso is ‘the black hole of enlightenment, coffee, science, art and extreme nerdiness.’

Silver Grizzly Espresso is located at 100 West Tyler Avenue in Tyler.

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East Texas Coffee Standpipe Coffee House

Standpipe Coffee House

Lufkin, TX

Standpipe Coffee House was a vision that a small group of people had as part of an effort to revitalize downtown Lufkin, Texas and bring business back to the heart and soul of the city.

The idea was to create a place that offered an atmosphere for people to gather, to interact, to make conversation, to see good art, to hear great music, & drink fantastic coffee.

Standpipe Coffee House is located at 123 South 1st Street, Suite A in Lufkin.

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East Texas Coffee Speakeasy Coffeehouse

Speakeasy Coffeehouse

Quitman, TX

Speakeasy Coffeehouse is a place to rest and rejuvenate the body and spirit of their guests.  They are a welcoming, comforting presence in the community they serve, offering the best coffee and specialty drinks in the area.

They continue to create an environment for creativity and community while doing their part to be a driving energy that is needed to rebuild the downtown community they love.

Speakeasy Coffeehouse is located at 103 North Main Street in Quitman.

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East Texas Coffee Watermelon Mills Coffeehouse

Watermelon Mills Coffeehouse

Mount Vernon, TX

At Watermelon Mills, you’ll find more than just a good cup of coffee. That’s because they put as much care into what they brew as where they brew it — downtown in the heart of their community.

Originally founded in the Watermelon Mills building, their coffee shop is their way of bringing the past to the present, while honoring the memory of those who made this town great.

Watermelon Mills is now currently located inside M.L. Edwards and Co.

The address is 100 Main Street in Mount Vernon.

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