Stroll through booths of handcrafted art at the Edom Art Festival

Art. Music. Food. Wine.

The Edom Art Festival takes place in Edom, Texas during the second full weekend of October. So this year it’s happening October 12th and 13th.

The 47th Annual Edom Art Festival is family-friendly and has free admission.

The festival started 47 years ago after potter Doug Brown attended the first craft festival in Kerrville, Texas in 1972. When he was reflecting on how the festival could be better, he decided to just create his own festival in Edom.

“We had about 20 artists and maybe 2,000 people came to the first Edom Fair,” said Doug Brown, founder of the Edom Art Festival and owner of Potters Brown in Edom. “Originally people were in were invited to come to the fair and because we were doing a lot of shows around Texas and the Southwest, we knew a lot of artists. So it ended up being probably the premier art festival in Texas at that time.”

Over the years, the festival has grown and grown, and now thousands of people come from across the state and beyond to spend the day listening to music and browsing the art that vendors from across the globe have crafted.

The Edom Art Festival has turned into one of the oldest art festivals in the state and it’s one of the only festivals that is artist driven, making the quality of the work exceptional.

“We are a juried festival so artists are required to send images of their work and their display, then we decide who we’re going to have,” said Beth Brown, Director of the Edom Art Festival and owner of Potters Brown. “So we like to think that the work is several steps above what you’d find at a street fair and that’s what we’re known for.”

So what kind of art can you find at the Edom Art Festival? Well everything!

There’s dozens of art booths featuring handcrafted potter, jewelry, fiber, sculpture, photography, live demonstrations and more.

There will also be musicians and food vendors as well as several local wineries.

“You can come out as so relaxed and so lovely and there’s music filtering in the background and, and to get an opportunity to visit with the artists whose work you’re about to purchase or you’re thinking about purchasing, there’s just nothing like it,” said Beth. “It’s just really a cool thing.”

The town of Edom has a population of just under 400 people, and it’s been a tourist destination for decades. The main street is filled with creative shops where most of the time you’ll find artists inside, working away in their studios, filling their shelves with handmade art. Many of the shop owners are also vendors at the Edom Art Festival.

You can learn more about the Edom Art Festival here.

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