Explore the world’s largest flea market

Canton, Texas, is home to a giant flea market nearly as large as the town itself. Come see why it would take almost two days to explore one of the biggest and best swamp meets in the South.

Canton, Texas, is halfway between Dallas and Tyler. This East Texas town only takes up about five square miles, but it’s home to one of the largest flea markets in the country: First Monday Trade Days.

We met with Mayor Lou Ann Everett for a tour of the giant market.

It’s a mix between a state fair, a flea market, and a market. But since it’s Texas, of course, it’s just….bigger.

The First Monday Trade Days can have up to 6,000 vendors at one time. Mayor Everett is the perfect tour guide for this giant swap meet. She’s been coming here her whole life.

First Mondays started in the 1870s. Residents would gather in town to trade goods and livestock during the local judge’s weekly visits.  Now, up to 400,000 people come here every month to buy anything and everything you could imagine.

The whole event, if you want to call it that, moved to the weekends some time ago. Which is honestly probably for the best since it can take DAYS to browse through everything.

Depending on which building you’re in, and when you go, you may have some issues walking around. It gets THAT packed.

And it’s not just folks from Texas looking for their next bargain. People from all over the country stop in.

Interested in learning more? Check out their website.

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