Now is the time to get your food plots ready for White-tailed deer

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Hunting season here in East Texas is right around the corner, and the team members at Jake’s Feed in Longview want to remind everyone that now is the time to start thinking about fall food plots for those White-tailed deer. 

“Whether you’ve got a 10 by 10 plot, or many acres, we can help all of your needs,” said Randy Reeves, Lawn & Garden Specialist at Jake’s Feed. “We’ve got protein feed, like our Purina Antler Max, we’ve got various flavors of deer corn, regular corn, persimmon corn. We’ve got the small bags of various seed mixtures so you can mix your own, or we have a fall plant seed mix that’s already pre-mixed for you.”

If you have any other questions regarding your lawn, the team at Jake’s Feed can help.

Jake’s Feed is located at 3612 McCann Road in Longview.

Their regular store hours are 8 a.m. – 6:30 p.m. Monday – Saturday.

Visit Jake’s Feed and Animal Center’s website here.

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