This yoga studio offers Aerial Yoga and so much more

There's a class for everybody at Freedom Yoga!

Toni Dussex opened Freedom Yoga in Longview to provide the community with a safe place to practice yoga and connect with others.

Freedom Yoga is the only Trauma-Sensitive yoga studio in East Texas.

“The set up is different so that people with PTSD, anxiety, or any kind of trauma can come in and feel more at ease in the environment itself and with the teacher’s teaching style,” said Dussex. “The environment is all carefully planned out to reduce any triggers or emotional discomfort.”

In addition to being trauma-sensitive, Dussex also offers yoga to all military (active and veterans) and first responders on a donation-based rate.

Freedom Yoga offers a variety of classes, so there really is something for every body.

Here are their classes and descriptions:

Gentle: The gentle yoga classes are designed to meet the needs of all levels of yogis and yoginis, including beginners. Gentle yoga will challenge you at times, though gently, while connecting the mind and body. You will build strength, increase flexibility, reduce tension and stress, and gain a sense of overall calm and well-being.

Vinyasa:  Vinyasa is a style of yoga designed to flow in and out of poses while matching movement to the breath. These classes will challenge you while building strength, balance, and flexibility. You will leave this class feeling calm and energized at the same time.  This class is not suggested for beginners. 

Multi-Level: This is a “take what you need” style of Vinyasa (Flow) class that is a perfect fit for anyone whether beginner, advanced, or somewhere in between. Freedom yoga instructors will offer customized pose options to make your practice more gentle or more challenging, whatever you feel as though you need. There is no judgement or competition here so give it a try!

Yoga for Flexibility & Strength: This class is perfect for yoga enthusiasts as well as athletes and those who want to maintain a well-rounded fitness level. The primary focus of this class is to build core (this includes abs and back), hip, and upper body strength and as well as flexibility. While we don’t believe in competition on our yoga mats, we feel that healthy competitive sports is great and we want to help you reach your goals. This class is also great for military and first responders.

Release & Restore: This class is perfect for those who need to reduce the amount of stress in their lives, including Post Traumatic Stress. In this “trauma sensitive” class, Toni teaches tools for releasing stored stress and restoring the nervous system in order to reach homeostasis. You will learn tools such as Trauma and Stress Releasing Exercises, Tapping, breathing techniques, yoga stretches, restorative postures, mindfulness based meditation, and guided meditations. This is likely to become your favorite class of all time. Another highly recommended class for military, veterans, and first responders.

AerialAerial Yoga combines traditional yoga postures with an aerial hammock suspended from the ceiling. This class provides benefits of traditional yoga while amplifying benefits for students such as, deeper stretches, inversions and spinal decompression for back pain relief. Aerial Yoga relieves stress in a whole new way, not only because it’s very difficult (maybe impossible) to practice Aerial Yoga without laughing…. but the best reward is Savasana and final relaxation in an aerial position.

Freedom Yoga is located at 175 Beechwood Drive in Longview.

They offer classes 7 days a week. You can check out their class schedule here.

Visit Freedom Yoga’s website here, and follow them on Facebook here.

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