French’s Yellow Mustard Ice Cream is a real thing, and you can make it yourself

It’s one of the favorite condiments for hot dogs and hamburgers. Bright, yellow, delicious mustard. So after 115 years of using mustard of using the condiment on food, French’s decided to branch outside of the standard fare into ice cream.

So the company paired with  Coolhaus Awesome Ice Cream out in California to create Mustard Ice Cream in honor of National Mustard Day in August of 2019. True to the name, the ice cream is bright yellow.

If you’re looking to try the real thing, it was only available in Los Angeles at Coolhaus or in NYC on the Coolhaus Ice Cream Truck from August 1-3.

However, for you true mustard lovers, French’s is sharing the recipe on their website.

Yellow Mustard Ice Cream
Source: French’s

It’s an easy recipe that doesn’t require an ice cream maker and needs only 10 ingredients. And yes, mustard is one of those ingredients. With the sugar, corn syrup, sweetened condensed milk and vanilla extract added to the ice cream, expect a sweet tangy flavor and relish it.

French’s suggests adding pretzels as a topping  and at the bottom of their ice cream recipe, they even share a recipe for Pretzel Brittle.

All we can say is, to each their own! If you try is, please let us know! Better yet, send us pictures on our Facebook thread!

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