Paddle your way through East Texas with Hackberry Bunkhouse and Kayak Rentals

Hackberry Bunkhouse & Kayak Rentals

The Hackberry Bunkhouse & Kayak Rentals is located just steps from the Neches River in Angelina County, and they’re the only kayak outfitter here in East Texas.

So whether you want to stay the night, rent kayaks to explore the water, or just enjoy nature owners Albert and Maria Rodriguez made it possible to do it all.

“The bunkhouse houses up to 10 people, and it’s just a big room with bunkbeds,” said Maria. “We have a pool table in there, a small kitchen and a bathroom. And we have a back porch with a deck, and a griddle outside so people can cook.”

“We started [Hackberry Bunkhouse & Kayak Rentals] in Apple Springs as a place for hunters, and people from out of town, to get away from the big city,” said Albert. “And then the river was close by in Apple Springs so we bought some kayaks and started to rent them out.”

Now, Hackberry Bunkhouse & Kayak Rentals is located on the Neches River in Pollok.

“People can rent the kayaks for the entire day if they want, and they can kayak here at the boat ramp or my husband can shuttle them to Anderson Crossing,” said Maria. “We can also shuttle them to Ratcliff Lake. We can go and drop off the kayaks there and pick them up if they want to do that.”

Anderson Crossing is located upriver from Hackberry Bunkhouse & Kayak Rentals and is the drop-in spot for the  Neches-Davy Crockett Paddling Trail.

“From Anderson Crossing [drop-off point] back to here is 9.2 miles,” said Albert. “So it takes from 3 to 6 hours depending on the kayakers.”

And when you rent a kayak, you’re also provided with a life jacket and a whistle. In addition to the kayaks, there are also two canoes available to rent.

“And people don’t have to rent kayaks,” said Maria. “We have a barbecue pit. We have a pond and some chairs along the pond that they can enjoy. They can do a lot of nature walking, and we have tons of birds. If they want to go kayaking that’s fine, but they don’t have to. They can just come and relax. If it’s only two people, they’re more than welcome. If it’s up to 10 people, they’re more than welcome.”

Maria and Albert have 5 kids of their own, so they know the importance of family.

“When [our kids] were growing up there was a lot we could not do,” said Maria. “So that’s why we want to help families be able to enjoy their families with nature. It’s a great opportunity to bond and enjoy each other.”

Hackberry Bunkhouse & Kayak Rentals is located at 7107 West State Highway 7 in Pollok.

They’re just steps from the boat ramp into the Neches River.

If you’re interested in booking a stay at the bunkhouse, or renting kayaks you can text or call Maria & Albert at (936)-546-5188 or (936)-240-0085.

You can also send them a private message on Facebook here.