Lindale Candy Company is still hand-pulling their homemade peppermint after 74 years

Lindale Candy Company, since 1946

The Lindale Candy Company has been a sweet staple in Lindale since October of 1946. Now, over 70 years later, Jeremiah and Kaitlin Cagle are continuing the legacy.

“We are actually the fourth owners taking the over the business and we did purchase all of the original recipes,” said Jeremiah Cagle. “We will continue the tradition of the Lindale Candy Company by doing the hand-pulled, homemade peppermint.”

Have you ever wondered exactly what goes into the process of making peppermint?

Here’s the 6 steps to get homemade peppermint: 

  1. Cook ingredients to the correct temperature

    “We take our copper kettle and stick it on our scale,” said Cagle. “We’ll weigh out our products, when we’ll take the pot and cook it on our kettle. We’ll cook it to around 320°F.”

  2. Pour on cooling slab

    “We’ll put at least three layers of gloves on and then take the kettle and dump it onto our cooling table.”

  3. Cut off and prepare the red stripe

    “Once we pour the slab onto our cooling table we’ll cut a portion of the slab for our red stripe. For the red stripe, they’ll take it, shape it and get it prepared to go across our block,” said Cagle. “We’ll add some red dye and peppermint essential oil to get it ready.”

  4. Transfer peppermint to stretcher

    “The remaining part of the slab will cool some more then we’ll go from the cooling table to our stretcher,” said  Cagle. “And that’s where the stretcher will actually put oxygen into the product and you’ll watch it turn from a gold to a white color.”

  5. Hand pull the peppermint

    “This is the part of the process that really separates us from everywhere else,” said Cagle. “Nobody is hand-pulling peppermint anymore. So when we say hand-pulled, we’re taking it and shaping it by hand. Every single stick, every single bowl, will be different. That’s the cool part about what we do here. Our sticks, our candy canes are all imperfect. Each one is uniquely it’s own piece.”

  6. Mold into shapes and designs

    “As I’m pulling [the peppermint] I’m rotating my wrist and that helps give it a little bit of a twist,” said Cagle. From there he feeds the peppermint to Kaitlin where she will begin molding it into whatever design they’re creating, whether it’s a doll, bowl, stick, or candy cane.

Lindale Candy Company is located at 113 West Hubbard Street in Lindale.

They’re open from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. Tuesday through Friday, and 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. on Saturday.

They’re closed on Sunday and Monday.

Visit their Facebook page here.

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