Experience a paranormal adventure on an East Texas ghost hunt

Experience the night in a haunted hotel or on a ghost hunt inside a haunted hotspot!

Haunted Rooms of America offers haunted accommodations and overnight ghost hunts in some of the top haunted hot-spots across the country – including right here in East Texas.

“We lead people on investigations. We don’t do tours. Tours are when you walk around the building and they tell you stories,” said Shelly Pruitt, a paranormal investigator with Haunted Rooms of American. “An investigation, you actually get to touch the toys, feel the toys, you get to use the toys, walk around, you get to use all the equipment.”

We decided to join Haunted Rooms of America on their Ghost Hunt at the Museum for East Texas Culture in Palestine, and you can watch the video above for our experience.

“I’ll have to admit it a creepy old building,” said Dan Dyer, the Director of The Museum for East Texas Culture. “I’ve been here 11 years, and I’ve had a couple of things happen to be. I’m a grown man and I’ve tried to act like I don’t believe in that, but some things just can’t be explained.”

You can read about the museum’s history here.

We asked Shelly what her response is to people that think ghost hunts and communicating with spirits is all made up, and she openly said she welcomes those who don’t believe.

“We don’t fake anything, it either happens or it doesn’t,” said Shelly. “A skeptic is good to have in the room because sometimes [the investigators] get just as excited as the other guests and somebody needs to say, ‘Wait a minute, that came from over there!’ or ‘I heard it over here.’ It’s always good to have somebody to debunk for you, we’re not afraid of a skeptic.”

Haunted Rooms of America offers different ghost hunt and overnight accommodations across East Texas including the Historic Anderson County Jail, the Historic Old Town Coldspring & Old San Jacinto Jail, and more. You can sort through their locations by clicking either ‘Haunted Accommodation‘ or ‘Ghost Hunts‘ on their website.

Click here to visit Haunted Rooms of America’s website.

You can also follow Haunted Rooms of America on Facebook here.

Haunted Rooms Ghost Hunt

The Museum for East Texas Culture is a stand-alone, non-profit organization that serves the public as a museum throughout the year. But various nights throughout the year they allow Haunted Rooms of America to host the ghost hunts inside the museum.

The Museum for East Texas Culture us located at 400 Micheax Avenue in Palestine.

Their hours are 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. Wednesday – Saturday.

Admission is $3 for adults and $1 for students.

Visit the Museum for East Texas Culture’s website here.

Follow the Museum for East Texas Culture on Facebook here.


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