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Have you tried the Jurassic Chomp Blizzard from Dairy Queen?

Summer is high season for blockbuster movies and ice cream stops so Dairy Queen is celebrating with a new Jurassic-inspired Blizzard Treat…YUM!

The park may be gone, but the chomp is not. DQ is serving up the Jurassic Chomp with peanut butter as June’s Blizzard of the month! And just in time for the much-anticipated release of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

Here’s what you get. It starts with the signature soft serve. Then the mix-ins pile in. Colossal choco dipped peanut butter bites and fudge topping. Yum!

And it comes in a specially designed cup just for the movie! Served upside down of course.

It’s the perfect-for-summer treat that even a Tyrannosaurus Rex can’t resist.

It’ll be available all summer on the Summer Blizzard menu with other flavors like the Summer Berry Cheesecake, the new TWIX Blizzard and the return of fan favorites, the S’mores Blizzard and the Cotton Candy Blizzard.

So good it’s RiDQulous!

For more information about Dairy Queen, you can go here. You can connect with DQ on Twitter using #LOVEmyDQ or follow them here. Or, you visit the DQ Facebook fan page, which has more than 11.4 million fans, and become a fan!

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom will roar into theatres on June 22nd.


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