Here’s what drive-thru coronavirus testing looks like

As drive-thru coronavirus testing centers are set up across the country, many people are wondering what this process looks like.

Kevin Clancy, a writer for the sports and entertainment website Barstool Sports, decided to get tested and he filmed the entire process.

He called his primary care physician and relayed his symptoms. After a few days, he received a phone call giving him the information on where to go.

“I don’t know if I have it. I don’t think I do, but I’ve also been coughing extremely bad for like, five days. So, we’ll find out.”

Disclaimer: This video contains strong language


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@kfcbarstool got tested at the first drive through site in New York @kfcradio

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You’ll see that it was actually a pretty simple process, though it does look like something you’d see in a movie. He shows his ID, goes through the line, gets swabbed from his car and that’s it.  You’ll also see how serious the medical professionals are taking this as they’re covered as much as possible by protective gear.

Once the samples are collected, they’re sent to a lab to determine if a person has contracted COVID-19.

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