Retreat and experience laid-back luxury at High Hill Farm

It's a one-of-a-kind retreat tucked in the wooded hills of East Texas.

High Hill Farm in Arp, Texas was created to be a perfect place to retreat and relax from your everyday life. At least that’s what owners Jason and Sharon Romano had in mind when they bought and designed the property.

“We built this property for something we would want to come to,” said Sharon. “We pulled things from our favorite places like the Florida panhandle and Napa and just put them all together.”

“We said when were creating the vision for this property that if we could take all of our favorite things and put them in a bottle and shake it up, what would it look like when we poured it out? And it really has become that,” said Jason. “From the way we plant the plants on the property and the locations of certain areas and how people move and get around this place, what they see at every point from what they eat to how they sleep. And we feel that when our guests are here that they just have this place of retreat and rest and that they come here and it is an experience for them.”

High Hill Farm

So what is High Hill Farm?

Well the better question, is what is it not! High Hill Farm offers overnight accommodations, a restaurant and bar, an event space, a pool, and a brand new 9-hole golf course.

High Hill Farm offers a variety of private cottages that are called bungalows that have anywhere from 2 to 4 bedrooms. Each bungalow has a private courtyard area where you can enjoy your meals or quite time, as well as a television set up with DirectTV. Each bungalow comes with it’s own name and personality like the Great Southern, Bluebonnet, Julep and Great Gatsby.

There is also a barn suite has been converted into a one large bedroom queen suite with an additional room with built-in bunks and a queen sleeper sofa.

You can learn all about the bungalows and barn suite, and even book your stay here.

High Hill Farm

So who can visit High Hill Farm?

“What’s so amazing about High Hill Farm is that it really accommodates an enormous group of people,” said Jason. “It handles individuals, like couples, like Sharon and I, to get away for weekend getaways when we all need to rest and relax. It’s perfect for the company retreats that are coming out that want to have several days to get away, do business and enjoy themselves. We have designed this property to accommodate a whole group of individuals, whether it corporate or whether it be individuals.”

Jason also adds that High Hill Farm is perfect for a group of guys or girls that want to get away for the weekend, parents that are in the area to drop their kids off at summer camp, families that want a great space for events and family reunions and so much more.

High Hill Farm

What’s on the menu?

Inside High Hill Farm is Côte Restaurant, open primarily on weekends. Executive Chef John Novak is constantly changing the menu based on the freshest seasonal ingredients he can get.

“Really it’s about freshness,” said Jason. “We’ve had dinners where things flown in the day they’re being prepared and we can just take it up to another level. [Our Spinach Dip], which is really such a common thing for so many people, when you eat [ours] it’s always a surprise. And that’s what we really like to do with the menu.”

While the menu does change, there are some classic dishes that will always remain on the menu, one of them being the Beef Wellington.

From the menu: “Brie Stuffed Beef Wellington with Chipotle Adobo Rubbed Potatoes & Arugula Pear Salad”

“I can’t even describe how good it is,” said Sharon. “It’s one of my favorites!”

Another staple is their spinach dip.

From the menu: “Spicy Spinach Dip with Jalapeno Pesto & House Crostini”

“It’s not what you’d expect,” said Sharon. “Everyone’s kind of expecting one thing, that it’s going to be a certain way, but ours just has this awesome finish. It’s not super spicy.”

Côte serves dinner on Friday at Saturday starting at 5:30 p.m., and they serve brunch on the first and third Sunday of each month.

“However, we also feed our guests whenever they’re here,” said Sharon. “So if you’re checking in on a Thursday for three nights we’ll feed you dinner, and you’ll have your continental breakfast that’s included as well.”

Learn more about the restaurant here.

High Hill Farm

What can you do at High Hill Farm?

In addition to the overnight accommodations there’s plenty to do at High Hill Farm. If you book a night in the bungalow, you have the option to add on services including a massage, picnic in the pasture, dine in the willows, skeet shooting, a romance package and a girls weekend package.

Learn more about the packages here.

But the newest addition to High Hill Farm is the new 9-hole golf course.

“We’ve just added the new golf club which is fantastic,” said Jason. “It’s four minutes from our front gate, so it’s exciting to be able to hop in the car and be to a golf course in just a few minutes.”

The Romano’s spent months renovating the rolling acres to turn it into the perfect addition to their venue. The golf-course is semi-private, so you can become a member and enjoy the benefits, or just tee off for a day.

You’re invited to celebrate the grand opening of High Hills Golf Club!
The grand opening is from 10 a.m. – 12 p.m. on Tuesday, July 30th.
You can tour the grounds, check out the club and even hit some golf balls. Make sure you bring your own clubs to participate and celebrate.
Learn more abut the High Hill Golf Club Grand Opening here

Learn more about the golf club here.

High Hill Farm

Events at High Hill Farm

In addition to the bungalows, restaurant and golf club, High Hill Farm also offers to host a variety of events.

“We really do so many different types of events from a small family business, corporate weekend retreat to a wedding of 300,” said Sharon. “There’s really so many things. We look at our big room, and it’s big and white, and this is your blank slate to create your experience. Do you want to have a big fancy outing? Do you want to have a baby moon? What do you want this to be to you? And we want to help you have that experience.

High Hill Farm has a 3,000 square foot room called the Odeon, it has a 1,800 square foot crushed granite outdoor patio area called The Willows and they have an outdoor lawn nicknamed the Wedding Lawn, where there’s over 2,500 square feet of green space to accommodate an event.

“The simplicity of the building was really designed to created intimacy,” said Jason. “It really allows you to utilize each room, as Sharon said, as you need it for each event. We also have a gallery, we have an outdoor terrace for you to sit on off of the restaurant, we have a restaurant itself, we have outdoor large lawn space that overlooks the pool and the vineyard and the fireplace that never stops burning in the fall and the winter. We have an entry lawn that we use a lot for events as people are coming into the property.”

You can learn more about hosting an event by clicking here.

High Hill Farm is located at 126126 County Road 217 in Arp Texas.

The High Hill Farm Golf Club is located at 505 South Lakeshore Drive in Overton.

You can visit their website here.

And for the latest updates, upcoming events and more make sure you follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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