One of the oldest shopping centers in the state is right here in East Texas

Distinctively Tyler. Uniquely Bergfeld.

Bergfeld Center is a shopping center located right in the heart of Tyler, Texas and is the oldest shopping center in East Texas.

The concept of Bergfeld Center started decades ago when the idea of shopping outside of the downtown area was extremely uncommon.

“Everything was centered around downtown but [my great-great-grandfather] had a vision,” said Brad Bergfeld, President of Bergfeld Agency LLC, Property Manager of Bergfeld Center. “In the late 40’s he moved forward with Bergfeld Center and just wanted it to be a unique place that people could come and shop.

Today it’s home to dozens of locally businesses and offers the East Texas community a place to spend the day doing more than just shopping. See all the stores here.

“If you’re trying to figure out what to do or where to shop, the reason you need to think of Bergfeld Center is just because of what all it does offer,” said Bergfeld. “We’ve got so many different options and you can do it all in one place.”

Here’s the history of Berfeld Center according to their website:

Bergfeld Center has a unique history in East Texas, and in Tyler. Bergfeld Realty Company was founded in 1882 when Rudolph Bergfeld started buying city lots and land in Tyler and East Texas. Bergfeld began developing the Azalea District in Tyler in the 1920s and by his death in 1930, owned commercial property in downtown Houston, Dallas and Tyler.

Julius A. Bergfeld, the son of Rudolph, returned to Tyler in 1932 after building a successful real estate business in Dallas, developing property between Southern Methodist University and downtown Dallas.

In the late 1940s, Julius A. and his son Julius L. Bergfeld, Sr., developed Bergfeld Center, a mixed-use commercial development several miles south of downtown Tyler. Bergfeld Center was the first shopping center in East Texas and one of the oldest in the state of Texas, behind Highland Park Village—and the same architect designed both.

Writer P.J. Furse states in a Tyler Today article that “other factors have contributed to the growth of south Tyler since 1932, but none have been so inspired as Julius A. Bergfeld’s dream to build Bergfeld Center, an idea born of foresight, an ingenuity that ran twenty years ahead of its time.”

Since Rudolph Bergfeld came to Tyler in 1878, his family’s impact on the city has had far-reaching implications. Through the family’s business ventures, they have provided homes and jobs to countless neighbors.

Rudolph Bergfeld served on the Tyler Board of Education, a tradition that continues even today as Andy Bergfeld holds a position on Tyler’s School Board. This family’s legacy of service to East Texas and, more specifically to Tyler is an example and inspiration to those who follow. 

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