It’s always delicious and always homemade at Imogene’s Cafe

Y'all come on down to Imogene's.

Imogene’s Cafe & Homemade Baked Goods is a small, family-owned business in the historic Downtown San Augustine, Texas.

“We’ve been here about 10 years,” said Brett Tyler, manager of Imogene’s Cafe. “We’re known for our home-cooked meals and a lot of desserts. We do a lot of specialty pies, cakes, homemade jellies and things like that. My grandmother makes everything by hand.”

Imogene’s Cafe is named after Tyler’s grandmother, Imogene. “She’s been in the restaurant business for her whole life,” said Tyler.

Alongside his grandmother, Tyler works also works with his mother, aunt, uncle and sister. So it truly is a family business.

“I think it’s the American dream to get to make a living doing what you love with who you love, your family,” said Tyler. “So that’s what it means to me.”

Imogene’s Cafe serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. Click here to see the menu on their Facebook page.

Imogene also makes her desserts from scratch.

Some cheesecakes and pies vary depending on the season, but you can always count on a classic buttermilk, pecan cream, banana pudding, and German chocolate.

If you’re a frequent customer of Imogene’s Cafe you may notice that things look at little different. That’s because they started 2019 by doing some renovations.

“For many years [Imogene’s Cafe] kind of looked the same and we had been planning on [renovating] for a long time,” said Tyler. “We wanted to go with the Texas farm kind of look so there’s barn wood, old tin and a lot of our decor is antique signage or antique automotive.”

As an antique and auto enthusiast, Tyler was able to put his own spin on the decorations. And he even had his uncle hand make the long cedar tables inside the cafe.

Imogene’s Cafe is located at 129 East Columbia Street in San Augustine.

They are open from 7 a.m. – 7 p.m. Mondays – Thursdays and 7 a.m. – 8 p.m. on Fridays.

They’re currently closed on Saturdays & Sundays.

For the latest, follow Imogene’s Cafe on Facebook and Instagram.


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