Some of the best pound cakes in the world come from Janie’s Cakes

Old-fashioned pound cakes with really high standards!

A yellow and white striped box completed with a blue bow is East Texas’ universal sign for happiness, probably because the world’s best pound cake awaits inside.

Janie’s Cakes, owned by mother-daughter duo Janie Clapp and Katherine Crow, is located right in the heart of Tyler, and for the past three decades they’ve been sharing a slice of happiness all around East Texas.

Their pound cakes are simple, but that’s the point. Their famous “Plain Jane” is described as a basic vanilla pound cake made from scratch with the most wholesome quality ingredients. Family members do it justice when they say “there’s nothing plain about it!” Janie’s Cakes offers customers a total of 16 flavors, that all branch off of the Plain Jane.

On the menu you can find a carrot cake, white chocolate, cinnamon, marbled, chocolate chip, nut-lovers, fruit and berries and so much more. And every bite is all natural. See their entire menu here.

Janie’s Cakes is open from 10 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. every Monday – Friday. But if you can’t make it into their store, Janie’s Cakes ships. Getting one of  these cakes on your doorstep is easy, just choose your flavor, then size, then place your order.

Their cakes have reputation far beyond East Texas. In 2016 Oprah put the East Texas staple on her “Oprah’s List of Favorite Things 2016,” saying that it’s “hands down the best pound cake I’ve ever had.”

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