This original dance party workout is celebrating 50 years!

Jazzercise is the original dance party workout.

Jazzercise started in 1969 in Carlsbad, California after Judi Sheppard Missett, a professional dancer, decided to turn around and dance to a class instead of a mirror. Jazzercise is celebrating 50 years in 2019 and has over 8,000 franchises in over 25 countries. Click here to find a location near you.

So you may be thinking, what exactly is jazzercise?

“Jazzercise is a full-body workout,” said Chaney Gipson, Owner of Jazzercise Tyler. “When you come into class you’re going to get cardio, strength, core, balance and a whole-body workout.”

Jazzercise is an hour-long workout where the first 45 minutes is some varied structure of a dance-mix, and the last 15 minutes is a combination of a strength and core workout.

Jazzercise Tyler

Jazzercise classes vary, from high-impact (with jumping), to low-impact high-intensity (one foot always on the ground), to low-impact low-intensity while incorporating movements like kickboxing, hip-hop, core, interval fusion dances and so much more.

“The great thing about Jazzercise is that we are for all fitness levels,” said Gipson. “We’re for dancers and we’re for non-dancers. We’re for high-impact people and low-impact. The great thing about our classes is that there’s always a modification. If we’re marching you can always skip if you want. But we’re skipping you can always march.”

Jazzercise has been around for a few years in Tyler, but in May of 2019 Gipson the first center.

“I took over ownership about 4 years ago, and e’ve been in a church, we’ve been inside a gym and now we have our own place,” said Gipson. ” It is just, words don’t even describe how fun this has been … this journey that I’ve been on. So we want people to come and check us out.”

Jazzercise Tyler

And Jazzercise Tyler is celebrating their grand opening from May 24 – May 26th!

So what does that mean for you?

“For people that have never tried Jazzercise, we are offering free class on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Memorial Day on Monday,” said Gipson. “So you can come for free to any of our classes. You can go to and find our classes and pricing but it’s free. Um if you sign up or choose to join during that time you will get 50% off your joining fee.”

Jazzercise Tyler is located at 6724 Paluxy Drive.

Follow Jazzercise Tyler on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

They currently offer 25 classes a week, 7 days a week. You can find the class schedule here. If you scroll down the page you will also find information on their membership prices.

For more information on Jazzercise’s ’50 years Strong’ international convention this summer in San Diego click here.

Jazzercise also offers classes in Athens and Longview. Click on the city you’re interested in for more information.

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